Salt Packing

Fineway Salt Packing

Fineway started Salt Packing on 15-08-2017. The aim of starting a salt packing unit is to maintain the quality of the brands distributed by Fineway International – Fine, Crown, Supreme and Quality.   This step reiterates Fineway’s commitment to deliver the best quality products for those who rely on them.

Fineway International will undertake private label work. The available packings are 1Kg Pouch Packing and 700gms bottles.

Fineway International, along with its new Salt packing unit introduce a new product called Pavizham Brand Supreme Salt – which use the premium Pure Vacuum Dried Salt.

Pure Vacuum Dried Salt

Pure Dried Vacuum Salt is a high purity, very clean salt that is frequently used in food manufacturing and production along with a range of other applications where a pure, fine food grade salt is required.  As pure dried vacuum salt is manufactured to strict hygiene standards, it is extremely pure; as a result, it is used as an important ingredient in the food industry, where it is used for flavour enhancement and food preservation.

The product available in this category is :  Pavizham Supreme 1Kg Packet and 700gm Bottle

Refinery Process

Vacuum salt is of much higher purity than solar salt (raw material) and is formed by the artificial evaporation of treated brine in a near vacuum.

The salt is first dissolved then treated to purify it.  A purpose built Steriflow filtration system pre-filters our Pharma grade brine to 3 microns prior to re-crystallisation.  This makes salt cleanest.

The clarified brine then goes through an evaporation plant where salt crystals are formed in a super-saturated solution.  The crystals are removed in a slurry, and then dried.

Private labeling – Your product, your brand

Fineway undertake private label work.  You can start supplying your own product under your own brand name.  Salt packing unit is developed to pack salt for other traders / distributors who wish to develop and handle their own product in the market.

For all inquiries related to Salt Packing contact Mr.Shoukat Ashknani on 052-9251955