Pavizham matta rice

Pavizham Palakkadan Matta rice

The tasty and healthy food from south India (mainly from Palakkad district of Kerala) is famous as a traditional must-indeed product of every kerala family. Wherever they are, they will search for their nostalgic palakkadan matta rice to include in their daily diet. It is essential for most of the seasonal festivals like Onam, Vishu etc..

In the current scenario of chemical affected foods, rice is the best one as it contains very less chemicals like preservatives and pesticides. Hence the best food for the whole world in the coming future will be rice especially when it comes with enough fiber and vitamins as in the case of Pavizham brand Palakkadan matta rice.

Presently Fineway International distribute Pavizham matta in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg bags.