Golden Chef 1121

golden chef basmati 1121 rice

A news from Deira Dubai is really interesting. 2 Asian men came and exchange the rice they bought the previous day and insisted for Golden Chef 1121 rice. The store-in-charge asked them why they insist on this product. Their answer was very wise.

Firsty: the length of the rice after cooking is the maximum any rice can give.
Secondly: each grain will remain separate and will not make it sticky.
thirdly: the volume of the cooked rice is 25% extra; nobody can believe right. They are using 10kg rice in the Mess whereas 8kg golden chef rice is enough. Thanks to Golden Chef.

A similar experience in another market in Deira, where the customer insisted to keep Golden chef as they are now purchase it from a distant place.

The entire team of fineway is happy to share this news with you.