Fineway Traveller Plus Division

Fineway Traveller Plus

Talal Group has announced the opening of its new division under Fineway International Trading LLC named “Traveller Plus”

Traveller Plus Boarding Pass brand

BOARDING PASS brand :    This division is bringing you all sorts of Traveller trolley bags under this brand name.  Trolley bags and suit cases are the most common requirement of a traveler.  That is the reason we brought the most modern bags for you.  The bags are of different quality and price

Traveller plus Aplus brand

A-PLUS brand :  Students will like A+ Bags with many colours and designs to cater their taste with the outstanding  and long lasting quality.

A+ meant for the best students for achieving their goals by increasing their confidence while using branded products.

Traveller Plus Dreamz brand

DREAMS brand :  Comfort of a sound sleep is now the responsibility of the products coming under this brand.  Blankets and comforts are readily available now and more products are there to come..

All made using the finest quality materials to provide the utmost comfort for a free and fair sleep..


Quality and warranty : Nobody can beat us when it comes to the quality of service we provide to our customers.  100% warranty is provided unconditionally.   If you don’t like our product, return it, we will provide you with a full refund