Festiva Tea Launching

Festiva Samovar Tea

Festiva Global Beverages Pvt Ltd is partnering with Fineway International Trading LLC for distributing their premium brand FESTIVA in the UAE.   Festiva is led by a team of experts that is well versed with the global markets and has developed a product line for UAE, after careful study of the market and its customer requirements.  Each of the Festiva products, apart from their unique taste, manages to highlight the essentials of a good cup of tea ie; colour, flavour and taste. The company with its team of highly experienced and professional tea experts, has many products in the offering, that promises to win the hearts of the tea loving people of UAE.

Tea is one of the most consumed beverage today and boasts of many health benefits. The various consumer segments in the world of tea requires their brew to be in their own traditional taste.  Hence supplying tea to different people from different walks of life has always been a challenge. Festiva team, with their in home process, experience and skill sets are always ready to face such challenges smoothly.

The wide and professional network of Fineway International Trading LLC  with a committed and experienced sales force will easily make this product reach each and every corner of the UAE.Tea

The special blend developed by Festiva for Samovar brewing has become a new trend amongst the  traditional Samovar restaurants and tea parlours, as they can serve this delightful cup of tea with great taste and flavour.   Through the word of mouth publicity itself, we are receiving many orders all over UAE from the happy customers of Festiva tea.