Basil Seed Drink

Uni Fresh Basil seed drink with milk

Our new product range is Uni Fresh Basil seed drink and Milk drink.   Being imported from Thailand, we are very much enthusiastic about the result of the product.  The product is having excellent juice ratio and seed ratio inside the cool jar for you..

    • Nurul Hasan Mohammed
    • 09/08/2017

    The product is so refreshing with the essence of basil seed and milk with variety of flavors.
    Keeps your mind and body fresh in this hot summer.

    • Shoukath choudhry
    • 09/08/2017

    Basil seed juice and milk juice all flavors having good taste and also having excellent juice ratio….

    • Anilarangath
    • 16/08/2017

    Ultimate solution for thirsty

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