Fineway International Trading LLC - Group Profile

Over the years of passion of credibility and customer satisfaction, Fineway International have grown up to be recognized as one of the top distribution companies in the UAE catering to every need of the Food Service and FMCG sector.  Fineway International was born in 2006, moving ahead with an annual turnover of USD 60 million and employee strength of 200 trained staffs and logistics compromising of 100 vehicles.

They are the sole distributors for many international brands like Milma, Malabar Taste, Banno, Aura, Janapriyam Pickes, Aranya Honey, Festiva Tea etc.

Fineway International owns many brands which is developed through years of study and effort. Golden Chef, Quality, Pavizham, Fine, Crown, Pyar, Roamer, Youngstyle, XPO, Powerblast, Uni Fresh are some among them.

They do private labeling through their packing unit in Dubai Investment Park - Dubai for almost all kinds of Food products.


Fineway strive always to provide the best quality and most diverse selection of foodstuff, household and garments available in the UAE & Qatar markets.

Fineway is committed to provide products and services with excellent quality and value that improve the lives of our valued consumers.  Fineway has been successful in bringing several international products and services to the Gulf.

Our customer base crossed 6000 ranging from hypermarkets, supermarkets, groceries, wholesalers, hotel chains and restaurants in UAE and Qatar. Each is regarded as a valued customer and 24 hours delivery is guaranteed for the majority of our customers.

In 2011 we consolidated all of our warehousing and logistics operations at a centralized location in DIP-2 in Dubai and in Logistics Village, Qatar.

Our packing unit in the DIP-2 (Talal Foodstuff Packing), is doing all kind of branding and packing works for Fineway International and also undertake private label works for others.

Even in the tough competition and global economic chaos, Fineway International is bound to its commitment in keeping the same standards of quality, excellence in service with each and every point of delivery from corporate customer to consumer.

We believe, our commitment combined with prudent financial management, transparency and our knowledge of market dynamics will continue driving the company to the modern age ahead.

Talal Group

Established simply in 1983 with a single outlet in Dubai by our founders, Talal Group has shown a progressive growth rate till now, which was achieved with the God's grace, through the hardwork and commitment for the excellence by the management and staff.

With a strength of more than 126 outlets and more than 2000 employees, Talal Group is now one of the leading chain of companies in the retail and trading sector with high reputation in market. Also we have a strong distribution channel for foodstuff, fresh meat, frozen food, garments, disposible items, Crockeries etc, imported from various countries. Talal Group is also recognized in Restaurants & Catering fields and in Mobile Phones, Computers, Accessories and IT related services. Talal Group head office is located in Al Muteena Street, Deira and Main warehouse is located in DIP2, Dubai - UAE.

TALAL GROUP shall be one the leading conglomerate in retail and distribution in the region, continuously maximising value by achieving exceptional performance, fostering long-term confidence and respect, while generating sustained growth for all stakeholders. This shall be achieved by:

►Always delivering superior customer service that nurtures and grows a loyal customer base
►Attracting, developing and retaining talented personnel by recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance
►Creating an environment that encourages innovation and excellence. 


Fineway International has been in the FMCG market since 2006, reaching around the world and within UAE at a good pace making their vision and objective reach the customers. Their Service is based on Quality, Credibility and Satisfaction. With its uneatable high standard of quality and service.

Fineway focus on the requirements of our customers and help them strengthen their competitive position and performance.

Fineway achieve results through individual engagements, continual skills development and entrepreneurial behaviour. We respect our colleagues, customers and consumers, and treat them as our team members.

Fineway is committed to continuously bring new services, brands and products to the market.

Fineway contribute towards sustainable development of the countries where they are a part of by finding the best balance between environmental, social and economic needs.

The production or distribution of any unhealthy product is against Fineway's principle and they never include such products in their portfolio.  Fineway promote natural, herbal and chemical free items through their media and encourage consumers to buy those products.

Our latest additions are Golden Chef Coconut Oil, Gingelly Oil, Mastard Oil, Festiva Tea, Janapriyam Pickles and Aranya Honey.